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At Tetley we care, and that’s why the UK’s favourite tea brand is dedicated to providing resources and tools to support the nation’s vital care workers in not just keeping residents healthy and hydrated, but making the experience enjoyable too, and what better way to do that than over a cuppa!

Discover a wealth of fun and engaging activities that can be used to inspire activity co-ordinators and residents alike, including create your own tea-party kits, interactive games and activities, memory evoking music and a bank of hydration resources, each designed to be enjoyed as a group or individually. 


Tetley Tea Party

Save the date – we’re having a tea party! 

Explore our collection of printable and downloadable resources to plan a tea party in your care home. 

Tetley Tea Party kits include templates to create your very own celebratory party bunting, nostalgic quiz sheets and conversation cards to inspire dialogue between residents and carers.


Tetley Tunes

All it takes is one song to bring back a thousand memories… or start a good old fashioned sing-song!

Our lovingly curated playlists give your residents the best brew of nostalgia, jive and joy – the perfect accompaniment to a tea party! 

Choose from our selection of Relaxing, Upbeat or Seasonal sounds that will help care workers create a warm and inviting atmosphere, whatever the occasion.


Tetley Tea
Tour Game

Take your residents on an adventure without even leaving the care home!

The Tetley Tea Tour Game is designed to get residents out of their rooms to explore their surroundings – with the promise of a great tasting cuppa at the end of the route. 

Simply follow these downloadable posters and signs, creating your very own customisable routes around the care home, encouraging physical activity for residents and great conversation along the way! With a range of engaging tea facts and free-to-fill blanks to guide residents to their next destination, the Tetley Tea Tour Game can be utilised as both a group or individual activity.


Activity Resource Bank

Our tea-themed puzzles are a great way to keep your residents entertained during a tea break. 

Download a range of specially tailored Crosswords and Word Searches to complete alone, with their carers or with visitors, best enjoyed over a brew! 


Free POS &
Activity Materials

Pop the kettle on and download our Hydration Fact Sheet.

Learn just why championing best-in-class hydration practices in your care home is so vitally important, as well as to discover simple steps and advice to ensure your residents stay healthy and hydrated.  

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With a diverse range of Black, Fruit & Herbal and Green Teas available, we have every product to suit the needs of your care home and your residents.

At Tetley we care, and that’s why we’re the UK’s favourite tea brand

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